Experience essential, but how do you get it?

I totally agree with the Rant about professional development from the ‘disgruntled junior HR professional’ (Personnel Today, 18 April).

I have worked in an HR department for six years and there is no opportunity to link my current role and the role I wish to be in.

Having attended several interviews, the response remains identical – lack of experience. Perhaps the profession could advise on how to get this experience?

I’m fed up with HR managers continually looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate – that candidate simply doesn’t exist.

I have the qualifications, a little experience of the role I’d like (adviser/officer) yet I’m given the same answer time and time again.

How about giving those of us with a little less experience than you’d like a chance? How many firms are losing potential HR professionals because they are simply unwilling to help their careers develop along the path they wish to go? The individual can only do so much.

Emma Smith
Comp & bens analyst, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution

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