Expert’s view

Gilleard on recruiting the best graduates

Gilleard is the chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR)

do members of the AGR regard as the best solutions for recruiting graduates?

recruiters view assessment centres as number one in terms of value for money,
with the internet second. Assessment centres reflect the importance employers
now place on getting the right candidates. They go beyond just screening to
focus on exactly what the candidate has to offer in terms of personal
attributes. The importance doesn’t lie in whether the candidate has a 2.1
degree, but in each candidate’s skillset.

can an organisation ensure it attracts and recruits the best graduates?

you can reduce the time to hire it will work in your favour as an employer.
Graduates like to know where they stand during an application process so the
quicker you can make that decision, the better.

war for talent remains intense and if you want to get the best people, you have
to treat them as such. Even if you keep an applicant’s details on file, you
should still contact them regularly to let them know you are still considering
their employment. Best practice should always be followed regardless of the
state of the market.

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