Facing a career change?

A career change should not be made lightly, impulsively or without careful consideration of eight separate factors which have been identified by the Highlands Company as vital to your choice of careers.

Choosing a career path is a critical process that requires a Personal Vision.

The effectiveness of your decision-making at Turning Points in your life will depend on the information and knowledge available to you.

Whether you are forming a career plan, reviewing your career options, or deciding how to respond to a redundancy, the Eight Critical Steps identified by Highlands will help you to make the right decisions for your career development.

Your career planning decisions and the career path you choose will determine the patterns and texture of your life and career.

Nevertheless, most people leave high school and university without any clear plan to guide them in selecting and pursuing a career or occupation. This tends to result in a stalemate situation later on in their careers.

The recognition of a career problem does not automatically trigger the career planning that is necessary to alleviate the problem. 

Don’t let the opportunity to shape your next career move slip by. With a Certified Highlands Facilitator to run a one-day Workshop, Engauge can help you to plan adequately for the changes needed to restore balance in your life.

Prior to the workshop, you will be asked to complete a series of work samples online. On the day the Facilitator will lead you through a number of exercises incorporating the eight factors in the Personal Vision Wheel.

The aim is to build self-awareness, to learn more about others, and to clarify personal life and career objectives.

At the end of the Workshop, each person will come away with a Personal Development and Career Plan.

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