Fair Care NCP Smart Parking Scheme – reducing staff turnover

Benefit solutions provider Fair Care is about to launch a new car parking scheme in association with parking giant NCP. The Smart Parking Scheme will allow employees to save up to 50% on their regular parking costs through salary sacrifice. Fair Care has negotiated preferential rates with NCP, an advantage in itself, but together with the tax benefits of salary sacrifice, they will be entitled to save even more. The Smart Parking Scheme acknowledges that some employees have no choice but to drive to work as they don’t have access to adequate public transport. In addition, high parking costs can result in higher staff turnover, so this new scheme can contribute to reducing employee financial outgoings.

The Smart Parking Scheme, a stand alone product which operates independently of Flex, is also particularly attractive to employers as Fair Care handle all the administrative side of the scheme directly with NCP, enabling the company to give a much needed bonus to car drivers whilst also removing all the administrative nightmares inherent with operating traditional car parking schemes. Employees who use the scheme are issued with an NCP Space card, allowing them access to a local car park close to the office, but the beauty of the scheme means that as employees leave the company, their card is immediately terminated and new cards are issued to new employees. There are 729 NCP car parks in the UK and many of these are in prime city centre locations. The scheme makes it possible for employees to use the closest or most convenient car park to their work, but without having to pay a premium for this convenience.

Philip Curtis, Fair Care Managing Director commented…

“Whilst many of our salary sacrifice schemes and other products are aimed at reducing car usage, such as the immensely popular Cycle to Work schemes, we also recognise that this is not always a practical solution. Car parking is a contentious issue, so by introducing the Smart Parking Scheme with NCP, employers can offer a tangible and valuable cost saving for those employees and, we hope, reduce staff turnover in the process.”

Jo Cooper, Commercial Director, NCP added….

“Fair Care has worked closely with our team to improve the existing scheme to make convenient parking more accessible to more people. Their expertise in the benefit market and commitment to high customer satisfaction has given NCP valuable insight, enabling us to provide a more practical and attractive solution to staff parking issues.”

About Fair Care

With approaching 1,000 clients throughout the UK, Fair Care has achieved an enviable reputation for providing comprehensive, managed solutions to employers of all sizes across all sectors.

Fair Care is an independent employee benefits business. The enthusiastic and skilled management team comprises Human Resources, Finance and Marketing professionals, all of whom have significant experience in the employee benefits field. Fair Care’s wealth of experience allows them to tailor solutions to meet individual client’s needs. Supported by dedicated account managers and an in-house customer services team, the service levels they deliver are second to none. Implementation of benefits schemes is quick and effective, with seamless administration, making the entire process trouble-free for employers.

Fair Care fosters a forward thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, where listening to client’s is paramount. Combining knowledge, experience, creativity, and tried and tested technology, Fair Care continuously strives to provide the best possible solutions across the product range.


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