Favourite blogs: HR Concepts for Small Businesses, HR Web Café, and HR Thoughts

HR Concepts for Small Businesses

You’ll like this blog, once your eyes have become accustomed to the wince-inducing pale pink background. The bloggers are US-based, but their advice is relevant in the UK, and will strike a chord with HR departments in large companies, too. If you tire of the serious stuff, have a go at the ‘layoff game’. It aims to help you decide who to make redundant and who to keep, but will appeal to anyone looking for humour in our otherwise bleak economic situation.

HR Web Café

This blog is written by a group of very senior staff from an employee assistance provider operating throughout the US and Canada, so it can seem a bit stilted. But the content is sound and the topics covered are varied enough to be of use to any HR generalist. And there is humour too. I particularly liked this suggested excuse for missing a day at work: “I prefer to remain an enigma.”

HR Thoughts

Blogger Lisa Rosendahl has more than 15 years’ HR experience, and approaches HR with enthusiasm. This is one of those blogs where the blogger’s character really comes across. Rosendahl blogs about anything work related that catches her eye, and she’s not afraid to be critical. Not a blog for the more cynical among you.

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