Favourite blogs: Recruitment 2.0, The Human Resources blog, Perfect Labor Storm 2.0

Recruitment 2.0

Advorto is a recruitment management solutions provider, and the bloggers include its founder, Mike McClelland. Senior people’s involve can leave a blog sounding stilted, but not in this case. It’s a very straightforward – it does what it says on the tin. The weekly Friday recruitment round-up is especially useful. If you don’t fancy ploughing through all the UK recruitment websites, let these guys do it for you.

The Human Resources blog

Visually, this is a very basic blog. So much so that one look at it will convince you that you need at least a double espresso before you start reading. But it’s aimed at HR professionals within small to medium-sized companies, so is worth looking at if this is your background. The content isn’t revolutionary, but some of the posts will be of interest. I particularly liked “The 10 most frustrating employee work habits and what you can do to prevent them”.

Perfect Labor Storm 2.0

This blogs aims, in its own words, to highlight “workforce trends that will change the way employers do business”. That, in all fairness, is a bit of a tall order, but they have a good bash at it. You’ll have realised from the spelling that the bloggers are Americans, but given that their economy is as embattled as our own, the content and advice are more than relevant to UK-based HR professionals.

Tweet of the week

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