Fears of massive job losses may be unfounded

prospects in the UK remain reasonably stable, despite the impact of the
terrorist attacks in the United States.

A new
survey by recruitment firm Manpower suggests that few companies have revised
their job forecasts in the wake of the tragedy.

major job cuts in the airline sector, the majority of firms contacted were
keeping to earlier staff forecasts.

survey of 2,000 companies before the events of September 11th found that 30 per
cent of companies were planning to employ more staff. Manpower re-contacted
around 200 of those firms after the New York disaster and found that only 5 per
cent had revised their recruitment plans.

The Manpower
survey also found that nearly half of the firms which intend to reduce staffing
levels are in the engineering sector.

London-based financial companies also said they were also unlikely to recruit
any new staff.

By Ross Wigham

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