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The Agency Workers Directive, equal employment rights for temps from day one

Matt Tobin, head of HR, Screwfix Direct. Mail order trade tools

"The cost for short-term contracts is already higher [than permanent
contracts]. It will make me think ‘is there another option?’. Administration is
already a big overhead and this would add to the cost of recruitment."

Richard Butler, HR director Screwfix Direct

"It will make the implementation of temporary contracts more difficult
and very impractical."

Diane Sinclair, lead adviser on public policy at the CIPD

"It is the worse case scenario for employers. We would urge the
Government to stand firm against it as it would be damaging. We believe that a
one-year qualifying period is appropriate.

"The administration burden will be substantial and that alone, let
alone the cost, will discourage companies from using agency workers.

"The EU does not appear to be concerned how it will affect the UK.

Emma Barret, HR account manager, Norwich union Insurance

"Costs will increase and could be a nightmare for HR people."

Julie Beardwell, Principal lecturer De Montfort University

"I think it would make business think twice about employing temps and
could have a substantial impact."

Chris Pike, HR consultant

"It is good that temps are being treated like human beings. More and
more people, including graduates, use temping to get experience in the jobs

"It will increase the administration burden, but companies will still
use temps because of the benefits of having a stop-start workforce and the
ability to spot talent."

Hazel Birdsall, personnel manager at IT firm Aim

"I employ temps, but will not in future. The move takes away the
flexibility of the workforce as it is an easy way to fill gaps. It will cause
quite a lot of difficulties in red tape and costs. I will have the problem of
finding staff during a skills shortage in Hull."

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