Female City flier loses sex-bias claim

An industrial tribunal has ruled that a mother forced to work long hours was
not the victim of sex discrimination.

Aisling Sykes earned a six-figure salary as vice-president of City firm JP
Morgan but was made redundant while pregnant in 1998.

The tribunal ruled that she was so highly paid, the company could expect to
"make certain demands in respect of hours and place or work".

Although the tribunal found Sykes, 39, had not suffered sex discrimination,
it said she had been unfairly dismissed because of inadequate consultation.

A settlement has yet to be reached.

Sykes, who has four children, claimed her 14-hour days amounted to sex

She had asked her office hours to be from 9am to 5pm and to continue work at
home in the evenings so she could see her children. But the company wanted her
to work from 9am to 6.15pm.

The ruling follows a five-day hearing in London last year.

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