Female officers win landmark equal pay tribunal against West Midlands police

Two female police officers have won a landmark equal pay tribunal against West Midlands Police.

Officers Susan Blackburn and Victoria Manley were denied bonus payments because they did not work night shifts due to childcare commitments.

Blackburn and Manley were told they were not entitled to special priority payments for front-line officers with demanding roles, the Birmingham Mail reports.

But the tribunal found that the women should have received the same pay as their male colleagues.

The case marks the end of a three-year battle against West Midlands Police, supported by the Police Federation.

Juliette Franklin, solicitor from law firm Russell Jones & Walker, said: “This a hugely significant case, which could have beneficial impact on the pay and conditions of thousands of female officers throughout the police forces in England and Wales.

“The tribunal agreed it cannot be right to deny women officers allowances just because they agree different shift arrangements for childcare reasons, when they work just as hard as male officers and face the same dangers on a daily basis.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said that they were considering the judgment and whether or not an appeal was appropriate.

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