Female staff dissatisfied with male management

out of 10 female staff believe that male managers have difficulty managing
woman, according to a report.

Floors and Cement Ceilings
, by Opportunity Now, shows that non-managerial
female staff feel that the role of line managers is vital in ensuring equality.

two-thirds of the 1,100 woman interviewed believe line managers must be held
accountable to ensure the advancement of woman in non-management and support

report finds there is a need for better training of line managers to ensure
woman are given the necessary development opportunities if talent in
organisations is not to be wasted.

out of 10 respondents believe identifying employees with management potential,
improving training, introducing flexible working and the rotation of job roles
are effective strategies for advancing woman in non-management roles.

two-thirds of respondents would like to see employers set goals to increase the
proportion of woman in management.  www.business-impact.org

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