Financial sector has happiest employees

UK employees are generally happier with life at work than they were five
years ago, with those in the financial services sector the most satisfied,
according to a recent survey.

The Putting it in Perspectives report, from research consultancy ORC
International, reveals that more than two-thirds of the 1.4m UK staff surveyed
rate themselves as ‘satisfied’, compared with 58 per cent in 1999.

Financial sector staff feel the most satisfied (73 per cent) – a score that
is driven by family-friendly policies, annual bonuses and pay incentives, ORC

Tom Harvey, head of internal communication at high street building society
Nationwide, said the financial services sector has worked hard to improve
conditions at work.

"Retaining your best people is better value than training new people so
the business logic is simple," he said. "The [report findings]
reflect the efforts and energy invested by the industry."

Public sector staff are the least satisfied, with 65 per cent of local
government employees rated as satisfied, and 63 per cent for the Whitehall and
housing sectors.

The report also reveals that 62 per cent of UK employees are satisfied with
the training they receive, compared with 53 per cent in 1999. The retail sector
leads the way with a 70 per cent satisfaction rating.

Simon Pridgeon, marketing manager at Reed Training, said: "Training is
now seen as a benefit and an essential part of a reward package, rather than as
a punishment or a remedial action for poor performance. This inevitably means
that individuals are happier to attend courses or receive training because they
no longer have a negative perception of them."

By Daniel Thomas


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