Find out how to reduce your organisation’s cost of conflict in this free webinar

In partnership with People Resolutions, HubCap invites HR professionals to join us for a practical look at how to reduce the cost of conflict in your organisation in 2011.

Thursday 3rd March 2011, 3pm-4pm: Reducing the Cost of Conflict: A Practical Guide

With workplace conflict costing UK business £33 billion per year, People Resolutions presents an exclusive webinar to give you practical ways to reduce the cost of conflict in your organisation.

During this webinar, our team of conflict experts will be talking you through the signs, causes, measurement and effects of conflict in the workplace.  They will then give practical, achievable advice on how to reduce your costs through planning for, preventing and resolving workplace conflict effectively.

Make the most of the budget squeeze in 2011 and reduce your cost of conflict whilst increasing productivity, employee engagement and development.

For further information call us on 0800 6125 110 or email .

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