Finishing school for game

Video game and computer software retailer GAME is targeting its deputy store
managers in the UK and Ireland with a new programme of tailored learning
designed to prepare them for promotion within its expanding network of stores.

GAME has some 370 outlets in the UK and Ireland and a further 130 across
Europe, employing 4,000 staff, and is halfway towards achieving its goal of
opening 50 new stores this year. New stores mean new managers, and such
fast-paced growth means succession planning must be a priority, according to
GAME’s head of training, Malcolm Knight.

"The most important thing is that they are ready for those promotions.
If we’ve given all staff the tools for development, they’ll be ready," he

The new ‘finishing school’ aims to give deputy managers the final
preparation and skills necessary to take the next step up the corporate ladder
in GAME, including spending time in a new store to better understand the
company network. The five-week programme will be conducted on a one-to-one
basis, with each deputy manager assigned one of GAME’s district development
managers as a mentor to focus on personal and business-related skills, such as
team working, leadership and performance management. Some 50 deputy managers
will go through the finishing school this year.

"With the finishing school, we’re identifying the needs of the
individual now," said Knight. "We want to manage our expectations and
make sure the programme works well before making it available to all deputy

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