Firm turns to big screen for FSA training

CIS Co-operative Insurance screened a training film at a cinema to highlight
to staff their responsibilities under the Financial Services and Markets Act.

The company decided to use a big screen to hammer home the importance of
changes to the way the company expects employees to handle customer complaints
to comply with the Act, which came into force in December last year.

These include the introduction of a central complaints department to
co-ordinate customer grievances in response to the law change that means firms
in the finance sector must ensure employees are properly qualified and trained.

The company produced a video and all 4,000 employees watched it at a
Manchester cinema on a giant Imax screen over the course of 10 showings along
with a brief introductory presentation.

Pat Ashworth, HR development manager for CIS, said that the big screen had
helped to focus the attention of staff and had been worth the investment of

She said: "By using the different media there was an anticipation.
There is nothing like turning down the lights in a cinema to grab people’s

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