Firms adopt winning formula

in the UK could soon have something in common with Formula One racing teams –
although it won’t be the supercharged cars, multi-million pound salaries or
glamorous trackside girls.

stress management systems developed to help racing drivers and their teams cope
with the extreme pressures they face during the Formula One season are now
being adopted by some of the UK’s biggest companies.

system, developed by health management experts Vielife is used by racing team
Jordan to monitor how well its personnel are coping with the demands of their

programme focuses on four key areas of health: sleep, stress, nutrition and
fitness, to create a picture of overall workforce wellbeing and allow employers
to identify problem areas.

firm Sapient has improved its staff wellbeing rating, measured by its staff
survey, by 11 per cent in the year since introducing the scheme, which is
monitored by a personalised online questionnaire.

insurance giant Standard Life, staff turnover has halved in the year after the
introduction of the system, which incorporates healthcare advice, seminars and

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