First online fundraising training

A new e-learning resource from the Institute of Fundraising, developed by online learning specialists Nelson Croom, offers the first online general fundraising training from the professional body for fundraising.

Fundraising Learning Online (FLO), launches today.

This comprehensive resource allows fundraisers to learn techniques and skills from other fundraisers in a convenient way by engaging and motivating learners and building a community of learning.

The course uses innovative learning techniques including ‘Meet the Fundraisers’ as well as audio content, discussion forums and Nelson Croom’s “sharing answers” technology.

During development, the Institute undertook a comprehensive pilot with fundraising professionals in industry who had a say in how the programme was developed.

The Institute of Fundraising chose Nelson Croom to provide the cutting edge resource after a detailed tender process.

“It is great to combine our experience of working in the third sector, with our experience with professional associations by working with the IoF. I think we are the ideal partner for the IoF and are pleased to have been chosen – we know the competition was fierce and we look forward to a strong, ongoing partnership” says Jacqui Nelson, Consultant with Nelson Croom.

“As well as our relevant experience, I think the Institute of Fundraising appreciated our ability to combine many different tools, approaches and functionality to really engage learners and make the most of an online experience.”

 “The experience so far has been a positive one” continues Jacqui, “we enjoy working with the Institute of Fundraising because they are really committed to producing the best possible online product for their audience. As a client, they are really engaged and that makes our job a lot easier.”

The first course All about Fundraising is designed as an introduction for everyone, from new fundraising staff and volunteers, through to chief executives and trustees who make strategic decisions about fundraising.

Ten further technique-specific courses are planned additions to the site; all courses will be based on the Fundraising National Occupational Standards.

Carrick Allison, Director of Professional Development at the Institute of Fundraising, comments:

“This is a great value, accessible resource for fundraisers, as well as those with a fundraising remit or interest. The Institute is the first major organisation to produce online, accessible fundraising training, and we’re pleased to make this resource available to our membership, as well as other fundraising organisations.”

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