Flexible working secures approval

managers back flexible working, yet fail to benefit from flexibility in their
own roles, according to a report by the Ashridge Centre for Business.

Flexibility at Work – attitudes towards the 24/7 culture draws on responses
from 250 senior managers nationwide. Just under half feel there should be no
barriers to people working when and where they like and half believe
traditional working will be obsolete within the next five years.

two-thirds anticipate employers will increasingly have to offer flexible
working to attract and retain high-quality staff. Despite this, just one in 10
of the managers surveyed works part-time and even fewer take career breaks or
work on a job-share or term-time basis. Long hours are also common, with one in
three working more than 50 hours a week and 8 per cent working more than 60

this is not to say there is no desire for flexibility. Almost two-thirds would
like to work from home and 41 per cent would accept less money for improved
flexibility in their working lives.  www.acbas.org

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