Former Ghurkas act as sheriffs to deter robbing hoods at Nottingham Ikea store

An Ikea store in Nottingham that has been hard-hit by crime has turned to five former British Army Gurkhas to protect its property.

After suffering numerous car crimes, theft and other offences, the Swedish furniture retailer drafted in the new security guards three weeks ago.

Since the retired Nepalese servicemen – who have kept the peace for the British in the Falklands, Belize and on the border between Hong Kong and China – started work at the store in Nottingham there have been no reported incidents.

David Attle, a duty supervisor for security at the store, told the Daily Telegraph: “I was quite astonished when I heard we were getting Gurkhas, but so far it is working out very well.

“They seem to have wiped out car crime in the car park.”

The men are among the first retired Gurkhas to work in the UK after a change in immigration laws allowed them to remain in the country.

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