Employers must ensure that individuals who are recruited have the legal right to work in the UK. Employers cannot employ an individual who is subject to immigration control and who has not been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not have permission to work in the UK.

All potential employees are required to provide evidence of entitlement to work in the UK. Requests for documentation should therefore be applied to all potential employees, not just those coming from abroad.

Employers are liable for fines for negligently employing illegal workers and can be prosecuted under the criminal offence of knowingly employing illegal workers.

EU migrants will have right to stay in no-deal Brexit

EU migrants will be given the right to stay in the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according...

Record fall in EU nationals employed in UK

14 Aug 2018

The number of EU nationals working in the UK has fallen by a record amount, with 86,000 fewer EU workers...

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Employers report lack of candidates and pressure to increase wages

13 Aug 2018

Two in five employers found it difficult to get the staff they needed over the past 12 months and have...

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Tier 2 visa alternatives: Employing skilled non-EEA workers

8 Aug 2018

For eight consecutive months the number of applications for certificates of sponsorship for non-EEA workers have surpassed the number available...

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What Jeremy Hunt’s faux pas tells us about cross-cultural intelligence

2 Aug 2018

It was just a slip, albeit an absurd one, but the new foreign secretary’s gaffe in China this week sheds...

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Tier 2 visas: foreign worker cap still being hit despite medical staff exemption

27 Jul 2018

The number of skilled foreign workers applying for visas under the Tier 2 system is still outstripping the number of...

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Home Office publishes settlement scheme toolkit for employers

25 Jul 2018

The Home Office has launched a toolkit that will help employers of EU citizens offer advice in how they can...

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Fall in EU worker migration ‘bad news for employers’

16 Jul 2018

The CIPD has warned that today’s falling migration figures will further hamper employers’ ability to recruit EU workers.

EU migration...

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Sajid Javid: no ‘automatic right’ for EU citizens to work post-Brexit

11 Jul 2018

EU citizens would not have any “automatic right” to work in the UK after the Brexit transition period, Sajid Javid...

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NHS hospitals asked to reassure EU staff ahead of Brexit

3 Jul 2018

NHS hospitals in England have been asked to reach out to staff from other EU countries about continuing to work...

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Fruit industry calls for seasonal permit to avoid post-Brexit labour shortage

22 Jun 2018

The soft fruit industry could be “crushed” by Brexit if it loses access to the thousands of seasonal workers it...

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Home Office reveals details of settlement scheme for EU nationals

21 Jun 2018

The Home Office has revealed how EU nationals can apply for ‘settled status’, allowing them to continue to live and...

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Tier 2 visas: how the NHS exemption will benefit other sectors

19 Jun 2018

The removal of doctors and nurses from the cap on Tier 2 visas for highly-skilled workers has been welcomed and...

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Doctors and nurses to be excluded from Tier 2 visa cap

15 Jun 2018

NHS doctors and nurses will be excluded from restrictions to the number of visas granted to skilled non-EU migrant workers,...

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Home secretary to propose universal immigration system after Brexit

11 Jun 2018

Home secretary Sajid Javid has reportedly “torn up” plans to offer European migrants preferential access to the UK after its...

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