Free guide helps trainers and presenters see the big picture

Two graphics gurus are injecting new life into the art of presenting information, drawing on communication techniques that have been used throughout history. 

Penny Pullan and Vanessa Randle, who run Graphics Made Easy, have created a unique way of combining words and pictures that gets the message across in a visual, effective and memorable way.

Their method helps create visuals for posters, flipcharts and slides – and is aimed at trainers, presenters and facilitators who are keen to develop their communication skills. 

Now they’re offering a free, step-by-step trial of their Versatile Visual Vocabulary. 

“I’m convinced that trainers and presenters want to be the best they can, and would like to learn how to avoid boring people to death,” said Penny. “Combining words and pictures gets people really involved and interested in the subject, making communication far more effective.

“Many people think they can’t draw, but our techniques are easy to learn and replicate – and the feedback we receive proves that they work.”

Between them, Penny and Vanessa have 30 years of experience in presenting, facilitating and training, and have used graphics to support corporate, government and charity clients in the UK and abroad to get their messages across.

A workshop featuring graphics from their Versatile Visual Vocabulary was last year chosen by the International Association of Facilitators as its Graphics Master Class at its European Conference.

Courses in the technique have been run across the UK, and as far away as Auckland, New Zealand.

“VVV will arm trainers and facilitators with a graphics tool-kit that they can go away and use straight away,” added Vanessa. “Mankind has a long history of communicating in words and pictures, and Graphics Made Easy has tapped into that history to find the best way of presenting in the 21st century.”

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