Free webinar today at 3pm: How flexible working can benefit all organisations

Personnel Today invites you to attend our free webinar on Wednesday 20 July, which will look at the topic of flexible working and how it brings numerous advantages to organisations and employees in the UK.

The online seminar, in association with GoToMeeting, will feature three presentations from experts on the topic looking at how organisations have reduced costs and reinvested for growth through implementing effective flexible working programmes.

The discussion will also address some of the myths behind the legal aspects of flexible working and home working, examine how the recent recession has led to an increased use of flexible working practice and will provide real-life examples of how flexible working is used to great effect by UK organisations. We will also look at how different individuals work and how HR professionals and line managers can manage flexible working arrangements.

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss will host the event and he will be joined by: Liz Morris, director of consultancy and training at Working Families; XpertHR employment law editor Bar Huberman; and Vanessa Blackburn, director of global diversity and inclusion at American Express.

The online webinar takes place at 3pm on Wednesday 20 July 2011. Register your place now.

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