Friday is National Work From Home Day

Friday 5 May has been designated ‘National Work from Home Day’ by Work Wise UK, the campaign promoting the wider adoption of smarter working practices.

Organisations and employees across the UK are being encouraged to try out home working on that Friday as part of Work Wise Week (May 3 – 9) which will highlight the benefits of smarter working practices generally. 

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of the IT Forum Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which is behind the campaign, said: “For many, home working is a far more productive and pleasant environment than the workplace.

“National Work from Home Day is not intended as a holiday, or an extension of the weekend. Its aim is to let staff, and employers, see just how it could work – how productive we all can be.”

Telecoms giant BT has become the first partner to join Work Wise UK. The firm currently employs 64,000 flexible workers and 11,500 contracted full-time home workers.

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