Frustration at not finding new role

years ago, after being made redundant from a generalist/office manager role, I
took a pure recruitment job which lacks the challenges and variety I previously
enjoyed. I have been trying to obtain a more generalist officer role but so far
without success. I now have more than 13 years experience in this field and am
frustrated that I can’t seem to obtain another role. I am qualified to
Licentiate CIPD. Do I need to complete my CIPD to succeed? I am prepared to
take a cut in salary and am thinking about giving up my current job to
concentrate on CIPD study for nine months. Any thoughts?

Wall, managing director, Victoria Wall Associates

this current recruitment market it is not surprising you are struggling to find
a generalist officer role. While 13 years of relevant experience is impressive,
potential employers will focus on your current role when looking at your CV –
and they may have other candidates who have more relevant recent experience. I
would advise you to complete your CIPD, as it is a qualification that most
potential employers seek when hiring an HR generalist.

decision to give up your job to study full-time would certainly show your
commitment to HR to your next employer, but it is a big decision and would
depend largely on your personal financial circumstances – the market may still
be quiet when you have completed your studies.

could investigate studying part-time from your current role, as the demands of
studying may provide you with the challenge and variety you are presently

Sell, joint managing director, DMS Consultancy

completing the CIPD will not guarantee you success in your job search, it will
help considerably. Whether you give up your job to concentrate on your studies
depends on your personal financial circumstances, but it would certainly
demonstrate commitment to the profession for prospective employers.

talk about 13 years experience so your lack of success is not down to this. It
might be useful to review your CV to ensure your HR experience is highlighted.
Include some key achievements that are HR-related. How do you feel you are
doing with your interviews? Make sure that when you are unsuccessful you get
feedback on why you were not appointed. If it is due to technique, get some
professional training.

Judd, HR consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes

is important to know whether you are being passed over at application or
interview stage. Assuming the former from your letter, you need to consider
whether your CV and cover letter are selling you in the right way. Do they
demonstrate your ability to make a contribution to the HR team and bottom line
of the business? For advice on this, you can visit our website (
and contact your local CIPD branch, some of which offer specific job-hunting

also need to consider the roles you are applying for. Do you have the necessary
background and skill set? Some positions will require a CIPD qualification as a
‘desirable’, and with the market being ‘candidate rich’ with fully qualified
candidates, you may be passed over in this instance.

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