Gay former HSBC banker to appeal employment tribunal decision

A former senior HSBC banker is seeking leave to appeal against an employment tribunal ruling that he was not sacked because he is gay, reports Reuters.

Peter Lewis lost his £5m compensation case against HSBC in May, when the tribunal rejected his claim of unfair dismissal based on sexual orientation.

The tribunal did, however, uphold four out of 16 claims that Lewis made against the bank. HSBC itself is seeking leave to appeal against these four.

Lewis, former head of HSBC’s global equity trading business, was sacked for gross personal misconduct in February 2005 after an alleged sexual harassment incident at the bank’s gym, which he denies.

HSBC’s appeal is based on its view that the tribunal went beyond its remit when it found fault with the company’s initial handling of Lewis’s case.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal is currently looking at both appeals to decide whether they can go ahead.

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