Gender pay divide continues to grow

A report from the GMB – the UK’s general workers union – shows the country’s
gender pay gap has grown to an average of £129 per week.

The City of London has the biggest pay gap of £412.87 per week, followed by
the City of Westminster with £284.39 and Islington with £262. The smallest
discrepancies are to be found in Durham, with a pay gap of £50.56, Sefton with
£49.94, and the Wirral, with a weekly pay difference of £46.14.

The GMB is calling on Government to enforce equal pay audits on employers in
a bid to end pay secrecy, which it feels plays a key role in the continuation
of unequal pay.

The publication of its national report also coincides with a poll by the
Equal Opportunities Commission, which shows that only one in four workers are
aware of how much their colleagues earn, due to a culture of secrecy about pay
rates in the country.

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