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The ultimate goal is to efficiently manage your business to the point where there are “3.4 defects per million opportunities”. A defect is a broad term meaning satisfactory, from staff performance to your final product. Six Sigma certification is an assurance to clients of extremely high standards of quality throughout the business.

Six Sigma training is usually implemented from the top down. Generally the training is for CEOs and other managers. The business process is improved by meticulous reporting and analysis, known in Six Sigma by two acronyms:

DMAIC (define, measure, analyse, improve, control)
DMADV (define, measure, analyse, design, verify)

Your business is encouraged to be analysis driven, and Six Sigma training will introduce new metrics, new management techniques and a new ethos across the entire company.

To make the most of Six Sigma Training, courses are generally arranged in house. This means that the training takes place over a series of days on your premises, and is tailor made according to the needs and challenges that are unique to your business.

Six Sigma certification is divided into three levels, or “belts” according to the trainees’ experience and position within the company. Depending on the level of training you are awarded either “Champion”, “Black Belt” or “Green belt” certification. Usually the higher belts cannot be attended without certification in, or at least some knowledge of, the introductory training.

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