Get ready for the great depression

If you think it’s depressing coming back to work after the Christmas break, then prepare yourself for a shock – there’s worse to come. Monday 23 January is set to be the UK’s unhappiest day.

Cliff Arnall, a health psychologist at Cardiff University and regarded as an expert in winter disorders, has created a formula that has predicted 2006’s own little day of Armageddon

Arnall’s conclusions are based on factors such as dark and dingy weather conditions, the level of debt owed after Christmas, and failed New Year’s resolutions.

Guru wishes everyone would just cheer up for once. Based on this report, anyone found moping around the office on the 23rd is going to be accused of being Arnally Retentive. These people will have bright desk lights shone in their eyes 24 hours a day until summer is here. Now that’s progressive occupational health.

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