Getfeedback 3T Report: Talent management

Talent management is a term that is much talked about. However, for many its definition has proved elusive. We all feel we know talent when we see it, but this doesn’t help us actually get a grip on how to attract, develop and keep it.

Getfeedback has set out this report to provide a helpful and thought-provoking guide to the talent management dilemmas companies are dealing with today. It also looks at some of the challenges that lie ahead.

It aims not just to give advice but to stimulate debate about what talent management really is and its link with business success.

 Download the Getfeedback 3T
report on Talent Management

 Is talent management getting easier? Are there too many managers? How does diversity affect talent mangement? Is talent management just for senior management? How does a possible recession affect talent? How abouit new technologies? Join the debate on talent management in our discussion forum.

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