Getting it all wrong could be right move

If you want to get to the top then it’s important that you excel at what you do. However, with this maxim in mind, the following story really gets Guru’s brain doing somersaults.

Turkish student, Sefa Boyar, has attempted to set a new record by getting every question wrong in the country’s university entrance exams. He said it was a protest against the system, which is seen as a very complicated business and a big burden on students.

About 1.5 million people recently took the exams, but Boyar is the only one trying to get all 180 questions wrong. The great irony is that he had to study hard to learn everything so he could be sure that all his answers were incorrect.

“I’m confident. It’s a very high possibility that I will end up with zero correct answers,” he told local news reporters.

This brings us neatly to Guru’s grey matter, which is currently doing a gymnastics routine combining the parallel bars, the vaulting beam and that funny thing with the streamer on a stick.

The confusion arises from the notion that, by coming last, Boyar is trying to be a leader in his field. Does record-breaking under-achievement equate to success in a warped kind of way? Is it possible to be the best by being the worst?

For the answer to these, and many other profound questions, please look elsewhere.

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