Gifts are still used to reward long service

Jonathan Haskell’s comments (Personnel Today, 12 July) on IRS Employment Review’s research do not accurately reflect the findings from our annual survey, now in its sixth year.

Specifically, our research did not claim that gifts are no longer used to reward long service. Our benefits and allowances survey found that gifts or gift vouchers were the most common form of long-service award, used by 44% of respondent organisations.

There has been a change, however, in the nature of the gifts provided. Traditional gifts – such as clocks or watches – are now used by just a handful of organisations. This year’s survey revealed a more widespread use of alternative gifts, including Red Letter Days and flights.

The survey also reported that cash awards remain popular, used by 36% of organisations, while a further 10% used a combination of cash awards and gifts to reward long service.

Sheila Attwood
Editor, Pay and Benefits, IRS Employment Review

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