Giunti Labs and Cegos announce global partnership

Giunti Labs, Europe’s leading e-learning and mobile learning content management technology provider, is partnering with Cegos, the number one European training company.

Under the terms of this strategic partnership, Cegos will promote Giunti Labs’ learn eXact learning content management system (LCMS) suite of products as its first choice content production tool. Giunti Labs will promote the Cegos course catalogue alongside its own bespoke content production services.

The partnership began last year, with Giunti Labs’ e-learning suite and e-learning content production services supporting Cegos developing its international multilingual e-learning catalogue. Giunti Labs and Cegos have now agreed to turn that relationship into a ‘co-selling and co-positioning’ agreement to co-sell each other’s services and solutions worldwide.

“We endorse Giunti Labs as our main e-learning content production and management partner and the learn eXact platform as our main and first choice LCMS solution for any blended processes needing e-learning implementations in addition to Cegos’ in-house services,” explained Pascal Debordes, Cegos’ e-learning Director.

“This partnership will enable both companies to provide even more complete solutions for Cegos’ and Giunti Labs’ client organisations’ training needs,” commented Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Giunti Labs. “We’re looking forward to working increasingly closely with Cegos throughout 2008 and beyond.”

Both Cegos and Giunti Labs have stands at the iLearning Forum in Paris, on 4th and 5th February. Pascal Debordes of Cegos and Giunti Labs’ Fabrizio Cardinali will each give a keynote presentation at this event.

In addition you can see Giunti Labs at Learning Technologies (London, 30th and 31st January) and Learntec (Karlsruhe, Germany, 29th to 31st January).

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