Giunti Labs’ HarvestRoad Hive digital repository on show at Online Educa Berlin

At this year’s Online Educa conference and exhibition, Giunti Labs, a leading learning and mobile content management solution provider for the Educational sector, will be showcasing new developments in its Hive digital repository technology.

In particular, it will be demonstrating the new HarvestRoad Hive online and mobile learning authoring plug-ins (Hive Packager and Hive Mobile) as well as the new SOA architecture favouring state-of-the-art integration with Sakai and Moodle, the leading open source virtual learning platforms, using Hive’s advanced DR technology for managing, sharing and federating multi-channel learning contents across content providers and educational networks.   

“The emergence of open source solutions, such as Sakai and Moodle, heralds a period of greater choice and flexibility,” said Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs’ CEO.

“HarvestRoad Hive is a content bridge solution – helping organisations to move their content safely from one learning management system to another while federating their content offerings and provisions into open digital marketplaces sharing both user generated and professional publishers’ materials.

“This not only allows organisations to protect their investment in content but also opens the way for greater choice and flexibility for managing learning and knowledge objects among the end user community, similarly to what the iTunes model has done for music.”

Digital repositories, such as HarvestRoad Hive, provide a centralised, co-ordinated and user-focused resource to serve the teaching, learning and research needs for organisations in all sectors of the economy.

They bring together an organisation’s digital resources in a single, cohesive and accessible web-based environment that also provides access to external digital resources to further support the learning process.

Having a digital repository aims to accelerate the development and digital accessibility of unique interdisciplinary materials by creating an infrastructure that allows learners to bring together concepts, data, discoveries, ideas, interpretations and methods in powerful new ways.

According to, Andrea Gentili, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Giunti Labs:

“A key ‘pain point’ facing the modern organisation is that it has a great deal of content but its staff spends a significant amount of its time to find this content when they need it. And, in learning terms, if you can’t even find the learning content you’re looking for, you can’t learn from it!” he pointed out.

“One way of overcoming this problem is to have a digital repository offering refined categorisation and search tools that help locate information quickly. Such a system would provide quantifiable savings in terms of time and resources – and that’s what HarvestRoad Hive does.” 

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