Giunti Labs launches learn eXact Enterprise for Asian markets at Global Learning Summit

The leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, Giunti Labs, has – this year – increased its presence at the annual Global Learning Summit, which is being held at The Marriott Hotel in Singapore from 24th to 27th February.

In addition, at the event, Giunti Labs is launching the new Enterprise 2009 Edition of its learn eXact Online and Mobile Learning Content Management Suite (LCMS).

As well as giving the opening address to the Summit on 26th February, Giunti Labs’ CEO, Fabrizio Cardinali is making two presentations – ‘Innovate to Compete – New Generation Mobile Enterprise Learning’, examining the latest developments in tools and technologies for mobile learning (on 25th February) and ‘Towards New Generation Enterprise Learning Content Management for personalising learning (and surviving global crisis & competition)’, looking at how using new generation enterprise learning content management systems can help organisations survive the current global economic crisis.

“In a world of increasing financial pressure and global competition, large organisations have a heightened need for innovation and creativity in the way they manage their knowledge assets, secure their content archives and create effective learning experiences for their rapidly evolving workforces and labour needs.” observed Fabrizio Cardinali.

“Media dependent, skills adapted, enterprise-wide, learning content production, management and sharing projects and tasks – including corporate-wide information dissemination, performance support and competence management – are becoming paramount to support business changes and evolution.

“Information duplication, loss of consistency and ineffective searching and harvesting of content are unaffordable inefficiencies in today’s corporate environments,” he continued. “So, to help its worldwide corporate client base overcome such challenges, Giunti Labs has launched the new Enterprise 2009 Edition of its learn eXact Online and Mobile Learning Content Management Suite (LCMS).

“The learn eXact Enterprise LCMS Suite is scalable, balanceable and interoperable with any large organisation’s IT infrastructure. It has been designed to be ‘non-disruptive’ to any existing corporate systems, and to maximise existing corporate knowledge banks.

“Clients and potential clients in the Asia Pacific region will get the chance to view this suite of products at the Global Learning Summit in Singapore,” he added.

While attracting most of its delegates from Singapore (20 per cent) and nearby Malaysia (11 per cent), the Summit also draws visitors from Europe and the Americas (three per cent each) as well as Africa and the Middle East (ten per cent), India (five per cent) and mainland China (five per cent).

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