Giunti Labs opens North American office

Giunti Labs, a leading global vendor of learning content management solutions (learn eXact LCMS) and digital repository platforms (HarvestRoad Hive), has officially opened its newest office in Atlanta. The office houses part of the Giunti Labs’ growing number of staff, who are accommodating the increased demand for Giunti Labs’ eLearning products in North America.

The new office marks not only an important milestone in Giunti Labs’ North American presence, but also demonstrates its commitment to providing state-of-the-art educational technology products and services to a broad range of clients in the corporate, public and educational sectors.

“During the last year, Giunti Labs has experienced a strong growth in North America,” commented José Grade, president of Giunti Labs. “We have a growing number of large clients. To be able to fulfil the growing market needs, we have enlisted some important recruits and, consequently have opened this new office in Atlanta.”

Anthony Suess, Director of Solution Deployment, Giunti Labs North America, commented: “Organizations in North America are increasingly realizing the tremendous value of an investment in their employees and their continual professional development. During the past few years the market has reached a level of maturity that has sparked a strong demand for elearning solutions. 

“This demand includes the use of learning content management systems, digital repositories; the rapid development of customized content, and ‘state-of-the-art’ solutions for storing and distributing that content through any type of delivery channel, such as PCs, laptops, mobile devices and virtual worlds, as well as printable versions of the content in ‘pdf’ format and Word documents.

“Products and services provided by Giunti Labs benefit both corporations and educational institutions who recognize the huge benefits of, and advances in, the production, management, delivery, interchange and re-use of a new generation of digital content for learning, knowledge, performance and business process improvement,” he added.

“Our products are based on the single source concept that provides a central knowledge repository for developing, maintaining, managing and delivering content to students, employees, and customers,” he said. “The single source concept adapts not only to a learner’s personal profile, but also to an organization’s technical infrastructure – reducing costs and improving quality and consistency in the process.”



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