Glasgow’s whistle-blowers inform on 115 staff

Whistle-blowers informed on 115 staff at Scotland’s largest council in a nine-month period last year, an official report has shown.

Allegations included theft and corruption and 16 cases were passed to the benefit counter fraud unit. The figures covered the nine months from April to December 2005.

Glasgow councillor Craig Roberton said: “We’re pleased our whistle-blowing line is having a positive effect in bringing issues to our attention.”

Police were alerted in six cases, 30 allegations were unfounded, while 24 cases are still under investigation.

Glasgow City Council employs about 38,000 staff.

Public sector union Unison said it supported the whistle-blowing system in principle.

But David O’Connor, Glasgow branch secretary, added: “There is an element of people reporting things that are incorrect or untrue and I am slightly worried about that.”

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