Employers should have a whistleblowing (protected disclosure) procedure for a worker to raise genuine concerns about a colleague’s conduct or the employer’s practices.

The procedure should allow for the worker to raise these concerns with a nominated person and set out the steps that the employer will take in response.

A disclosure will be protected if the employee reasonably believes that the disclosure is made in the public interest. Protections include the right not to be unfairly dismissed or to suffer a detriment for blowing the whistle.

EY drops appeal against whistleblower judgment

EY has dropped its appeal against a judgment ordering it to pay $10.8m to a whistleblower who raised money laundering concerns.

Whistleblowing protections to be reviewed amid dismissal claims

23 Mar 2021

Government will review whistleblowing protections amid surge in people claiming they were dismissed for speaking up about Covid-related issues.

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Nurse who blew whistle on race-based shift allocation wins £26k compensation

23 Feb 2021

A paediatric nurse who alleged racial discrimination and was banned from booking shifts as a result has been awarded £26,000 in compensation.

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Top 10 Covid-related claims employers could face in 2021

4 Dec 2020

The Government’s furlough scheme, large-scale redundancies, safe working concerns and the rise of flexible working will have a big impact...

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Whistleblowers who also claim discrimination likely to lose tribunal case

3 Dec 2020

Whistleblowers who claim to be victims of workplace discrimination are more likely to lose their case, according to new research....

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CIPD ACE: Focus on listening skills to encourage ‘speak up’ culture

12 Nov 2020

To create a true ‘speak up’ culture, organisations need to stop trying to fix individuals’ behaviours and focus on how...

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Covid-19 whistleblowers ignored and dismissed by employers

29 Oct 2020

Nearly half of employees with coronavirus concerns have had their queries ignored.

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City traders working from home must be monitored

13 Oct 2020

A City watchdog has warned financial services firms that it expects them to have updated their policies, refreshed their training...

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Employment tribunal hears allegations against Oxford business school

11 Sep 2020

Whistleblower at employment tribunal alleged Saïd Business School sacked her after she had raised concerns about a leadership course.

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‘Office of the Whistleblower’ needed to tackle retaliation

22 Jul 2020

A group of MPs has called for the urgent establishment of an ‘Office of the Whistleblower’ to ensure the rights...

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Strengthen whistleblowing regulations for the third sector, urges charity

26 Jun 2020

Staff should raise concerns without fear of repercussions, says Protect.

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Financial whistleblower wins £75k payout in sex discrimination case

25 Jun 2020

Female compliance worker been subjected to sex discrimination after raising concerns about potential financial malpractice.

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Third of employees asked to commit furlough fraud

18 Jun 2020

Research reveals staff subject to pay cuts while being asked to work while furloughed and people threatened with deportation unless they went along with fraud.

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BNY Mellon

US banking whistleblower is awarded $50m

8 Jun 2020

UK finance sector given pause for thought by huge US whistleblower payout.

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Companies face welter of whistleblowing over fraud and safety

5 Jun 2020

How businesses deal with complaints and handle investigations as employees trickle back to the workplace could be key to future recovery and success.

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