Global benefits ring loud and clear

Hearing aid distributor Amplifon claims to have cut training expenses by
nearly £45,000 since implementing Oracle’s iLearning enterprise learning
management system two months ago. It also believes it has cut training time by
58 per cent, which amounts to 4,900 hours.

Amplifon needed to provide its global workforce employees with comprehensive
training on its new digital hearing aid and ensure its sales teams – spread
across Europe and the US – were ready to sell the product. It needed a single,
common learning environment which all employees could access no matter where
they were in the world or what time it was.

iLearning is a web-based system accessed via browser and Amplifon posted
standardised learning materials via the system, which also allowed it to
monitor the success of the product training.

"We needed to centralise and automate our education programme to
improve the consistency and attendance of our sales training," says
Alberto Camera, system administrator for Amplifon.

"We have achieved 95 per cent attendance rate, ensuring the sales team
is properly trained on the technical skills they will need to successfully sell
our product line."

So far, Amplifon has trained its entire 700-person sales team in Italy
across the internet using iLearning and expects the system to train US and
other European teams soon.

Oracle iLearning is an integrated module of the Oracle E-Business Suite but
can be bought as a standalone product. It can manage, deliver and track
training and can be run from the customer’s own site or hosted by Oracle as an
outsourced option.

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