Global HR chiefs command salary of about £220k

Top HR professionals employed by multinational companies earn an average
salary of £220,000, according to research on leading companies.

The study, based on interviews with staff at 50 organisations including
Microsoft, Daimler-Chrysler, Wal-Mart, Shell and Deutsche Bank, also reveals
that not all HR leaders have a personnel background.

Examples include Microsoft’s Chris Williams, who has an IT background, and
Pearson’s David Bell, who began his career in journalism. Commissioned by
Cendant International Assignment Services, the study found change management is
the most highly rated skill of HR professionals.

The survey found 53 per cent of top HR staff speak two languages while 17
per cent speak three.

On average, they spend 55 days a year travelling and 43 per cent have lived

John Arcario, of Cendant, said key issues identified include skills
shortages, globalisation, work-life balance and outsourcing.

"This survey offers valuable insights into the global workforce issues
that senior HR leaders are managing today."

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