global perks

51 North America Top performers call the shotsHigh-profile organisations search for top performers with key interpersonal skills to lead them into the future

52 Latin America Hanging on to the high impactersAfter 10 years of growth, Latin American multinationals face the problem of retaining and motivating key performers

53 Western Europe & CEE Sweeping changeToday’s graduates are not just looking for an attractive salary. Personal development is high on their wish list

57 Asia pacific & Australasia Well-padded expatsWith larger housing and paid school fees par for the course for married expats, single men and women should drive a hard bargain for equal benefits

58 Africa & the Middle easT Good incentives must be offeredCompanies must offer a range of attractive benefits to prompt highly skilled staff to move to the Middle East or Africa

60 South Asia Keeping employees happyIndian companies ply staff with steam baths and Jacuzzis in a bid to retain key talent

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