GM modifies car policy to exclude non-GM products

If prime company parking spots seem elusive, then a Canadian
car-manufacturing plant in Ontario has just made them that much more precious.

Starting this week, only workers who drive General Motors vehicles will be
able to enter the principal car-park at the St Catharines plant run by – you
guessed it – GM.

The policy was actually union-initiated. "The rank and file brought
this up for several years," Doug Orr, a union representative told
Personnel Today.

But after several new executives began parking their Hondas and Toyotas in
the exclusive ‘salaried lot’, the union convinced management to adopt a policy
they felt would better reflect the company’s pride in its products.

Two weeks later, the union adopted the policy for its main workers’ lot.
Now, any employee who drives a non-GM vehicle will have to walk a few more
hundred feet to the plant, something Orr admits may be hard during a Canadian

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