GMB claims Tory victory would risk public services

Public services will be at risk if the Conservatives ever come into power,
one of the UK’s major trade unions has warned.

The GMB is so concerned about the possible ramifications of a Tory election
victory that it has teamed up with other unions to demonstrate against the
party’s policies.

Members of the GMB, the Trade and General Workers’ Union, Amicus and Unison
all participated in the protest at the Conservative Spring Forum in Harrogate
last Friday.

GMB general secretary Kevin Curran said he wanted to speak out against the
swingeing public sector cuts proposed by the Conservatives.

"The public should not be fooled by the Tories’ shiny Saatchi
makeover," he said. "They are still the same old Conservatives,
intent on cutting public services and leaving vulnerable communities at risk.

"Make no mistake; public services would be at risk if the Tories ever
came to power," he said. "We estimate they will cut £18bn in public
services from local government to defence if they were elected.

"The Tories’ constant underfunding during the Thatcher years created
communities without hope," he added.

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