GMB kicks off new era for footy stars?

In a move that makes you question whether or not trade unions are making the most of their members’ hard-earned funds, the GMB union has become the main sponsor of Woking football club for the next two seasons.

The £20,000-or-so deal will last until the end of the 2008 football season and meansthe GMB logo will be on the front of all playing kit and replica shirts, signs in the stadium and on all promotional material and stationery.

A GMB spokesman told Yours Truly that it was a bid to capture more membership in areas near airports. Getting membership off the ground,so to speak.

This arrangement does leave Guru in something of a quandary, however.

The unions are forever banging on about how early everyone should be allowed to retire and claim their pensions, yet footballers are always put out to pasture really early. Does this mean the GMB will be forced into the position of campaigning for folk to actually work longer?

‘Balls to early retirement’ would probably be the tagline, one imagines.

At least Woking will benefit from the input of the union’s ‘big-boned’ general secretary, Paul Kenny, who will be a great help to the team – as either a goalie or perhaps the wall in front of free kicks.


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