Good Business by Steve Hilton and Giles Gibbons

Hilton and Gibbons have written an excellent book on corporate social responsibility which is full of motivational reasons as to why companies should be responsible for the world’s problems and their resolution. The book is well-written and easily read and you find yourself agreeing with the authors. But these concepts are familiar – where have we heard them before?

Well, there is Sir Titus Salt who built Saltaire village for his workers, together with schools, and hospitals, William H Lever and Port Sunlight, Cadbury’s and Bournville and Colonel Ackroyd and Ackroyden and Copley. All of these philanthropists demonstrated the same ideals in the 19th century, albeit on a smaller scale. What is different, however, is the way the authors propose to carry them out.

As they point out: “The message of this book is simple. If you want to change the world, then do it through business. If you want to help your business, then help change the world. You have nothing to lose but your guilt.”

While Hilton and Gibbons accept that corporates are “in it for the money”, they insist that corporates and non-profit-making organisations as well as employees can assist in using social strategies to meet commercial aims. And by reading this book it can assist you in achieving these aims without it taking up all your spare time.

Good Business: Your World Needs you
By Steve Hilton and Giles Gibbons
Publisher: Texere Publishing
Pages: 238, Price: £17.99, ISBN 1-58799-118-7
Reviewed by Helena MacKinnon
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Buy this book at Amazon

Helena MacKinnon is HR practice administrator at Thornbury Veterinary Group, Bradford, West Yorkshire

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