Government will take charge of top NHS careers

The careers of the England’s top 1,000 chief executives in the NHS are to
become the direct responsibility of the Government.

Nigel Crisp, NHS chief executive, England, and his team are currently
assessing the top 1,000 chief executives and will assume responsibility for
their career progression from next January.

Crisp himself will directly take charge of the top 250 chief executives
while the rest will report to the directors of social care.

The aim of the move is to improve career progression planning and help
retain chief executives in the NHS.

Crisp told delegates that HR management is critical in helping to modernise
the health service. "The people function in the NHS makes the difference.
It is what it is all about. Modernising the NHS is the biggest HR project in
the world," he said.

"We have the opportunity to bring about real improvements. We must put
in support training and bring people on through the organisation. We must get
closer to staff and introduce real improvements by communicating and engaging
with them."

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