Graduate Prospects brings graduate recruitment into the digital era

graduate prospects logo 194x28.gifWith over 250,000 graduates leaving higher education this summer, a brand new advertising medium is now available to help them find that much sought after first graduate job. 

Prospects Graduate is a digital magazine that will be emailed fortnightly from the 14th September direct to over 350,000 recent graduates who are registered with the Prospects database. 

This new magazine features the latest graduate vacancies from large blue chip organisations through to small businesses, all supported by the latest job hunting tips and advice from careers experts.  It is the only product of its kind in the graduate recruitment sector and comprises A4 size pages of advertising and editorial which can be easily read in the conventional way on screen, browsed in the manner of a web site or printed off.

Recent research indicates that 8 million households in the UK are now signed up to the Internet with a broadband connection, and this figure increases by 80,000 per week (  This means increasing numbers of students and graduates can now readily and easily access all the capabilities and functions available in a digital magazine such as Flash Media and video clips.   With the look and feel of a paper publication, the magazine uses the latest digital software to combine the branding qualities of traditional print media with the convenience and interactive potential of the web.

At the same time, it provides graduate recruiters with an innovative new medium to target graduates once they have left university.   Recruiters who advertise in Prospects Graduate can now promote their vacancies directly to this hard to reach audience without relying on expensive national media options or limiting the impact of their marketing campaigns by relying purely on web advertising.  Prospects Graduate fully supports rich media such as flash, video and sound, so recruiters can make their advert stand out from the crowd.

Eleana Portis, Marketing Manager, National Graduate Recruitment for Deloitte spoke positively about this new opportunity,

“By advertising in Prospects Graduate we will be able to strengthen our graduate recruitment campaign and utilise the interactive features it provides us with. We will be able to keep track of the numbers of graduates who view our advert and follow links from it to our website. This is a very positive step into the future of graduate recruitment advertising”

Thanks to the partnership between Graduate Prospects and the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), the magazine is supported and promoted by university careers services across the UK.  Mike Hill, Chief Executive of Graduate Prospects commented:

“With many students now postponing their job hunting until after they have graduated this new magazine provides careers services with an additional way to support their students in the immediate few months after graduation.  It also fills a gap for recruiters, between the on campus career publications used during the course of the academic year and the national press which cannot guarantee effective coverage of recent graduates”. 

Prospects Graduate launched on 14th September 2005 and is available fortnightly throughout the year.

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