Graduates turn their backs on HR career

graduates are looking to enter HR than last year, according to a survey by High
Flyers in association with The Times.

Graduate Careers Survey 2002 interviewed 13,722 undergraduates in 30 UK
universities and shows that just 7.9 per cent of students have applied to enter
the HR world after their degree.

compares to 13 per cent who would like to work in marketing or the media, and
12.9 per cent who would like to move into consultancy.

banking, accountancy and civil engineering all attracted more job interest than

management, sales and retailing were all less popular career choices than HR.

of the list is logistics, with only 1.3 per cent of those surveyed reporting
they would like to work in that sector, followed by property and purchasing
which attracted 1.5 per cent and 1.8 per cent of respondents respectively. Just
1.9 per cent said they would like to join the police – the same figure as
actuarial work.

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