Grangemouth staff return to work as negotiations continue

Oil refinery staff at Grangemouth have returned to work as union members prepared to re-enter negotiations with employers in the wake of a 48-hour strike.

Emergency fuel supplies are being shipped into Scotland following the industrial action by workers at Grangemouth who are resisting proposed changes to their pensions.

Workers turned up for their shift at around 6am at the plant in Stirlingshire.

Business secretary John Hutton said: “I’m glad that the union said that there should be a pause for reflection and I’m very glad that later today there will be discussions between the unions and the company to try and find a way of resolving this dispute.

“There is a gap between the two sides that has got to be bridged – only the two parties themselves can reach an agreement. No-one can do that for them.

Emergency fuel supplies arrived in Scotland to ease the pressure on forecourts on Monday, with more due to be shipped in from Europe.”

A fleet of between 500 and 600 tankers is also expected to move out of Grangemouth to replenish supplies at filling stations.

The shortages occurred after several days of motorists rushing to fill up their tanks.

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