Guide Dogs’ Association warns of eye strain danger

importance of taking breaks while working at a computer was emphasised by an
awareness week

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association estimates Computer Vision Syndrome
could be costing British employers more than £183m a year in lost working days.
The most common complaints are eye strain, headaches, dry or irritated eyes and
blurred vision.

charity organised an awareness week at the end of June targeting computer users
of all ages and launched a computer screen saver designed to remind workers to
take a break.

"Eye Kon" is available on a free CD-Rom from the association or
downloadable from the Internet on its website, and makes a blinking eye pop up
on the computer after it has been in use for 90 minutes.

health professionals are being encouraged to raise awareness among workers of
the need to take regular computer screen breaks to protect their eyes and
general health.

awareness week ran from 23 to 30 June, drawing attention to the need for
workers to take breaks, and is part of an ongoing campaign by the association.

Peacock, the charity’s chief executive, said: "While there is no evidence
that VDUs can directly cause eye disease, prolonged working or playing on
screen can strain eyes and aggravate existing eye conditions.

our campaign, we want computer users, schools, colleges, employers and health
and safety specialists to take a fresh look at this important eye care issue."

18 July, the charity is also running a Shades for a Day campaign designed to
raise awareness of the need to buy and wear correct sunglasses.

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