Guitarist lays foundations for key worker homes revolution

band once sang ‘just another brick in the wall’ but Pink Floyd legend Dave
Gilmour has now taken the sentiment much further – by helping to provide up to
400 homes for key workers in London.

famous guitarist has given £3.6m, raised through the sale of his home, to the
charity Crisis, which plans to build an urban village for key workers and the

is currently looking for a site to build the village where low paid workers,
such as nurses who struggle to afford homes in the capital, would live
alongside people currently in hostels.

has urged others to donate money to the project and has roundly criticised the
Government for not setting up similar initiatives.

supermarket chain Tesco is pushing for some staff to be officially graded as
key workers because the cost of living in London is causing increased employee

firm plans to build several thousand homes above its stores.

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